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With its headquarters in Barcelona, FILMAX is one of the most important audiovisual companies in Spain. The FILMAX Group, which provides development, production, distribution, exhibition and international sales, responds fully to the business opportunities within the European and international entertainment sectors.

Filmax International

Filmax International is a renowned sales agency, strongly positioned within the international film industry. It handles the international distribution and sales of all movies produced by the Filmax group, including the smash hits DARKNESS with Anna Paquin, THE MACHINIST with Christian Bale and the [REC] saga, to name just a few. More recently, the inspirational true story, 100 METERS and MUSE, the latest psychological thriller from Jaume Balagueró, have been added to the sales company's already long list of in-house productions that have achieved international success.

Filmax International's catalogue also includes a wide range of high quality products from other production companies: award winning movies such as THE MOTIVE and TRUMAN, genre projects like the terrifying WHEN ANGELS SLEEP or the fantasy horror ERREMENTARI, produced by Alex de la Iglesia, documentaries with global appeal such as BARÇA DREAMS and hilarious Spanish comedies such as OPERATION GOLDENSHELL or THE TUNNEL GANG.

Furthermore, in recent years Filmax International has also branched out into the TV market, with acclaimed series such as THE RED BAND SOCIETY, an international smash hit, and the crime drama series, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, which since airing in 2017 has picked up various awards and has been broadcast on the UK's BBC4 channel, among others.

Currently, Filmax is working with the same team on the production of the new black comedy series, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

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