Rock, paper, scissors

Rock, paper, scissors
TITLE Rock, paper, scissors
GENRE Thriller/Drama
STATUS Completed
YEAR 2012
DIRECTOR Hernan Jabes
SCREENPLAY Hernan Jabes, Irina Dendiouk
PRODUCER Rodolfo Cova, Hernan Jabes
CAST Gloria Montoya, Leonidas Urbina, Scarlett Jaimes, Leandro Arvelo, Haydee Faverola, Alberto Alifa


Caracas, Venezuela. The lives of two families are changed forever after an innocent childhood game of chance leads to the discovery of a betrayal. With their lives suddenly turned upside down, the families will find out just how far they are prepared to go to protect the ones they love. But in a city where corruption is rife and violence the order of the day, human life is of little value.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” is a film serving as a warning to society. The central theme of how our destiny can be changed in an instant when two seemingly separate lives are suddenly thrown together, brings to mind films such as Iñárritu’s thriller “Amores Perros” or Paul Haggis´ 2004 drama “Crash”. An emotionally charged portrayal of a rotten and chaotic society, “Rock, Paper, Scissors” achieved enormous box office success in its native Venezuela, where it was also put forward as Venezuela’s nomination for the Best Foreign Language picture at the 2013 Academy Awards.